A crypto investment and wallet platform Demo

Cryptovest - A crypto investment and wallet platform

Cryptovest is a crypto investment and wallet platform developed in PHP / Laravel Framework. It has been structured to be easy to install in a few steps even without much developer expertise. It supports unlimited crypto currencies and deos not require any payment gateway integration. It comes with a straight foward documentation to guide you through the installation as well as excellent support and regular updates.

DISCLAIMER: If you are not satisfied with the features that are currently on this product, please don’t purchase, because I don’t do refunds after downloading the product.

User Features

  • Deposit
  • Invest
  • Referral Earning
  • Send and receive Crypto
  • Exchange / Swap crypto
  • Withdraw
  • Secure dashboard
  • Email Verification
  • etc..

Admin Features

  • Add and Remove currencies
  • Manage investment plans
  • Approve deposits and withdraws
  • Deactivate and Activate users
  • Manage admin accounts
  • Manage transaction charges
  • Manage user info
  • Track user activity
  • etc…


URL: https://cryptovest.lakescripts.com

User Login

Email: user@cryptovest.com
Password: vestuser123

Admin Login

Email: admin@cryptovest.com
Password: vestmin123

Support Contacts


Whatsapp +92 3344655700

Telegram  https://t.me/Alitech22

Fiverr https://www.fiverr.com/users/mahnoor_studio1/


A crypto investment and wallet platform Demo

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